Why choose Sparsh Hospitals for Cancer Treatment?

Sparsh Hospitals’ successful establishment marks a 17-year legacy of
healthcare and innovation in Odisha, extending its services across four cities.

The Oncology Department at Sparsh Hospitals offers comprehensive care for
adults and children diagnosed with solid tumors and blood cancer. In addition
to medical, surgical, radiation therapy, and bone marrow transplant services, the
department provides a wide range of clinical oncology specialties. 

With a commitment to delivering holistic cancer treatment in India for patients of all
ages, our team of experts excels in diagnosing complex cases, staging diseases,
prescribing medications, administering radiotherapy, and performing surgeries
using cutting-edge technology. 

Renowned for their expertise, our oncology and hematology specialists possess the highest levels of training, knowledge, and experience in treating cancer across all forms and stages.

Our Doctors


Dr Rajesh Kumar Padhy

MS, ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon


Dr Madhuri Pattanaik

MBBS, Gold MEdalist, DNG(Surgery)


Dr Rajesh Kumar Padhy

MS, ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon

What is Cancer?

Cancer, a disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth and spread throughout the body, is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It arises when normal cellular processes are disrupted, leading to the formation of abnormal cells that can develop into cancerous tumors. Unlike benign
tumors, malignant tumors have the potential to invade nearby tissues and metastasize to other partsof the body.
Signs and symptoms of cancer can vary depending on the location, size, and impact of the tumor on surrounding tissues. These may include persistent fatigue, unexplained weight loss, appetite changes, pain, bleeding or bruising, new lumps, hoarseness, cough, anemia, skin changes, and altered bowel habits.