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To Obtain an opportunity to work, at your esteemed organization where I can maximize my training & administration experience, programme development skills in a more qualitative & effective way.


  • Diet counseling, Imparting training, Planning
  • development, management
  • evaluation of food service management system, Cost management
  • Patient care, Training, Presentations
  • Patient satisfaction, reporting, Dealing with grievances.


  • All the inpatients are assessed for nutritional risk by qualified dieticians.
  • All the in patients are met on a daily basis.
  • Individualized and tailor made nutritional care is provided to all in patients
  • The patients are offered a wide choice of food items based on the nutritional requirements.
  • All efforts are made to prepare and provide special meals catering to patients in accordance with their disease condition.


Your dietitian will tell you how many calories to eat per day to lose weight steadily and safely. He or she can help you plan a healthy, nutritious diet. This can help you make positive lifestyle changes that last.

A dietitian can work with you to develop the skills to read food labels, plan meals and identify foods that improve your health and help you meet your goals.

Dietitians look beyond fads and gimmicks to deliver reliable, life-changing advice tailored to your objectives as well as personal needs and challenges.