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A cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult things one has to deal with. The news can be earth-shattering for patients, bringing a sense of feeling alone and hopeless. Family members grieve and the future seems uncertain and unstable. Patients with a cancer diagnosis should not have to feel alone. Along with the support from family and friends, the Department of Medical and Surgical Oncology at Sagar Hospitals stands firm with our patients. Dedicated care for our patients with personal attention is our focus, every step of the way.

Our Doctors

Dr. Dr Rajat Khandelwal


MBBS, MD Medicine Dr NB Medical Oncology


  • Words is roughly being maintained
  • Letters or begins with a capital letter
  • Previous casing is maintained
  • Maintains the amount of lines
  • All major/ minor biopsies/ FNAC
  • CT/ Ultrasound-guided procedures
  • Clinical Trials/ Research
  • Hereditary cancer screening
  • Screening for Breast/ Cervix/ Prostate/ Colon (Cervix Cancer) etc
  • Immunization for Human Papilloma Virus, HBV etc


  • UGI Endoscopy Colonoscopy Endoscopic Banding for bleeding Varices, Polyp removal, ERCP for biliary stones, Biliary Cancers, Therapy- Screening, Biopsy for all GI cancers, Luminal Stent Placement, Foreign Body Removal, feeding tube placement


Medical Oncologists focus on the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer. So, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted, and Hormone Therapy come under the purview of the study. On the other hand, Surgical Oncologists perform surgeries to remove Cancerous Tumours or Biopsies to understand if the growth is malignant or benign.

The condition, the level of pain, age and several other factors influence Pain Management Technique recommendations. Typically, Pain Medications, Physical Therapy and Alternate Therapies such as Acupressure, Massage etc work as effective strategies to battle pain. Call or book an appointment with the best Medical and Surgical Oncologists in Bangalore.

A treatment plan is like a roadmap. When a person is diagnosed with a condition, it is important to assess everything including factors that will affect success, age, overall fitness of the patient, and a plan. Since each patient presents a unique challenge, a personalised or customised treatment plan is required.

The approach and treatment required for Cancer patients are solely determined by the Size of the Tumour, the Organs that are affected, the Patient's Age, and several other factors. In fact, many patients who are diagnosed with Stage I cancer do not need chemotherapy after surgical removal of the growth.